Bravo, Elton John

Since becoming a father, Elton has not spent as much time in the limelight. We see the occasional pic of him with his sons and it’s clear he wants to take care of them and be a devoted dad. It might be easy to forget, however, that Elton has been ‘dad’ to so many and has fundamentally ‘taken care of’ thousands, through his and his fandom’s fund-raising efforts.  In fact, Elton has given of his time, his image and his money to 54 different charities over the years. He’s best know for his work with his AIDS Foundation, but there have been 53 others charities he’s helped. He started in the 1980’s and made a difference because he knew the kind of dollars fandom could raise when inspired.  So he inspired. The list of charities is long and includes, ‘Scope’, an organization I used to work for. Who knew?

Elton J stats







Full Details @ : LOOK TO THE STARS  The world of celebrity giving

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