GISHWHES Registration 2015

This is where it all started. For me, Misha Collins was the first one, I knew of, to harness the power of fandom in this way. He created Random Acts of Kindness and  pioneered the Guinness Book of Records attempt, known as GISHWHES. Greatest International Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen.

misha-collins-haiti random acts
Some people have called this event life changing, with the “challenges” set, both fun and sometimes confronting. Eg: “A picture of you and a loved one kissing. Here’s the catch though – you must have at least 11 food items between your lips and the lips of your loved one.”

120px-GISHWHES_2012_No._148_--_Kissing_with_foodSo are you ready to play in 2015?

Registration to the biggest scavenger hunt in the world is OPEN!


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