Giving Back

Inspiration and saving one kid at a time

Has there ever been that one teacher, person or chance meeting, that has helped you turn a personal corner?

While we patiently wait for Paul Blackthorne’s decision on what Elephant project he and Represent are going to get behind, Paul’s still busy making a difference.  To one or two, that difference could be huge. Can you imagine what it would be like to be in a drama class and have Paul walk in?

BAFTA LA has a program called “Give Something Back” and Paul is apart of it. He visited Washington Prep High School and worked with these young people, calling the experience very  humbling.



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  1. 😛
    this reminds me of the paying it forward project with the pizza shop in the US!!!!

    1. Kathleen says:

      That’s exactly what it’s about. I want to explore the relationship between stars/fans and charities. Thanks for stopping by.

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