Jared’s 11th Hour Incentive

Let’s get real. Jared pulled out all stops to raise money for his Always Keep Fighting Campaign.  He literally gave of himself, his time and his property. From Supernatural scripts, Skype calls, through to the shirt off his back. Well, one that had been on his back, anyhow.

Jared calls them ‘incentives’ and it works. His campaign is closed now, but by selling over 40,000 shirts, he has helped To Write Love On Her Arms, probably in ways they could never have imagined. This is fandom power at it’s best.

I get the feeling this won’t be the last time, Jared rallies the Supernatural Fandom to give.


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  1. […] took up arms against in his, Always Keep Fighting, campaign. Unlike Jared’s T-Shirt campaign, (although, one of many things Jared did give away as incentives) Chad and Samantha are not offering anything quite so tangible. You won’t get to wear this or use […]

  2. […] and loosing a friend has given him a particular passion for these types of causes. While the Always Keep Fighting Campaign is over, Jared knows if he rallies the troops, another worthwhile organization will […]

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