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Auction: Skype Meet and Greet! SPN Family asked again to fight a good fight

EDIT: Unfortunately the auction is over…   It went for under $100 which is sad for TWLOHA but very exciting for the winning bidder… Wish I’d had the money to bid. 🙂


Now, this is what I am talking about! The use of fandom power, for a cause!

Calling on all die-hard Supernatural fans, collectively known as the SPN Family. Chad Lindberg and Samantha Ferris are offering their time for a great cause. TO WRITE LOVE ON HER ARMS

This is the same charity Jared Padalecki took up arms against in his, Always Keep Fighting, campaign. Unlike Jared’s T-Shirt campaign (although, one of many things Jared did give away as incentives) Chad and Samantha are not offering anything quite so tangible. You won’t get to wear this or use it until it’s worn out. Well… except maybe to make your friends jealous for the next 10 years! I totally would… and you know what they say about memories.

Have you ever been to a Supernatural Convention? I have and I’ve watched my then, 12yo daughter, wait in line to ask a question at a panel for almost an hour, only to be turned back before getting to ask it. That happened twice, while we were in LA. The reason I mention this, is that Chad and Samantha’s prize jumps you to the very front of that queue. Not only for one question, but for a full 30 minutes. You can ask a whole lot of questions in that time.

Chad twitter announcement

Both actors, at different times, have expressed their personal battles with some of the subject matter dealt with by TWLOHA. So it’s not surprising they’ve found a way to help. The auction runs in total for three days and started today. I am especially looking forward to watching the auction in the last couple of hours. It will be totally crazy, I promise you. You can watch, too, or make a bid here: CHAD AND SAMANTHA SKYPE CHAT EBAY AUCTION Good Luck!

EDIT: Auction has been extended for another 24 hours!


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