Jared and Jensen… Make The World a Better Place Campaign

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are going into another type of family business, together. The SPN Family Business.

It seems that this could be one of the first steps towards setting up a non-for-profit organization, similar to Random Acts. Their co-star Misha Collins has harnessed the power of fandom for a long time and it looks like Jared and Jensen are now following in his foot steps.

Chances are, if you’re a member of the SPN Family, you know about Jared’s original ‘Always Keep Fighting’ Campaign. Encouraged by Arrow’s Stephen Amell to start the T-Shirt drive, Jared sold over 40 000 and raised over two hundred thousands of dollars for TWLOHA.

He’s doing it again, but this time round, his buddy, Jensen, has jumped on board and this time round, all proceeds will go into a joint fund, set up by the two. They are looking into the future and want to help a range of people over a period of time, not just through a three-week campaign. As Jared put it, ‘for generations to come,’ that’s why they’ve decided to take this rout.

Jared teases that we can read about it on their ‘site’, although, I don’t believe that’s gone ‘live’, just yet.  In the mean time, you can find the new T-Shirts HERE and the Phone Cases HERE.



CLICK TO WATCH ANNOUNCEMENT VIDEO FROM J & J moose and squirrel purple




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