Last Chance to Win a Signed Supernatural Script

The founder of the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen, Misha Collins, is on the bandwagon of insentives. Don’t worry, you still have over 12 weeks to join a team, but to win, a script signed by all the Supernatural cast, you need to register before May 1st. Not only that, but the winning team gets an all expenses paid trip to Costa Rico.

Unlike his pal’s Jared and Jensen, who are selling T-shirts for good causes,  to be a part of GISHWHES you have to actually participate. Given the name, ‘Scavenger Hunt’, you could be forgiven for thinking you were required to find and gather things. Well you do… sort of… From easy to hard, weird to beautiful, you’ll be required to prove these things with photographic evidence. A couple of examples of past years, below. Strange, yes, but lots of fun!


storm trouper and bather
A stormtrouper and a bather
suit made of leaves
A suit made of leaves
Adam and Eve at Bus stop
Adam and Eve at a Bus Stop









So do you have what it takes to get involved and help out Misha’s non-for-profit organization Random Acts.

No team? No problem! There are others out there, like you. Just follow the prompts to join and find a team you can belong to.  So what are you waiting for? Click HERE to registar.



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