Poach Eggs, Not Elephants

It’s finally here… Arrow’s Paul Blackthorne is a man after my own heart, with his love for Elephants. A while back he asked for suggestions regarding a T-Shirt campaign to raise money to help them. He has finally decided on the non-for-profit organization Air Shepherd.

Poach eggs, not Elephants is a 14 day campaign to sell as many of these guys as possible. Go get yours HERE.

Tshirt poach eggsThe goal is 200 shirts, but they’ve already sold over 100, so I think it’s safe to say that it’s already a success, but if T-shirts are not your thing, then you can donate directly to Air Shepherd’s INDIEGOGO campaign.

Check out what Paul has to say, below and then give what you can to this much-needed cause. With your help, wild Elephants will be around for many generations to come.


Click to watch Paul launch this campaign.

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