Katie Cassidy Has A Big Red Nose

Katie Cassidy has joined the ranks of her fellow cast members, Stephen Amell and Paul Blackthorne and is raising money for a great cause, RED NOSE DAY, via a T-Shirt Campaign.

Red Nose Day is a world-wide fundraising day that contributes to varies charities all over the world. In Australia it’s for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death syndrome) In the UK it goes to Comic Relief who distributes the money to help vulnerable people in the UK and Africa. In the US, all the money raised helps children and young people in three key ways. 1) Keeps them safe. 2) Educates them and 3) Keeps them healthy.

katie small pic

Katie has put her face and red nose on a Tee and is asking that you guys join in the fun of the day by buying one. Please help out this marvellous cause. Just click HERE for all the details. I mean, lets face it, who wouldn’t want Katie on their chest, right? Happy Red Nose Day! May 21st in the USA.

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