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Die-Hard Star Trek Fans… Your fandom needs you!

Fandom4Good follows and promotes causes usually spearheaded by public figures. If it’s not a T-shirt campaign to raise money for a particular charity or good cause, it’s a Skype chat, or a signed script, up for grabs. The well-known person invokes a passion in the fandom that encourages us to by the item or give a donation. This particular donation drive is also about passion.

For fans of Star Trek, I can’t imagine anything more important than keeping the franchise that is Star Trek, alive. With several attempts to go beyond Next Generation and Enterprise, nothing has really graced our small screens. That is, until a couple of web series came together. I remember being so excited when I found them on YouTube. This web series recreates the one and only, original, Star Trek. More realistic, but still so simple. Fresh, but yet, so familiar. The actors and the crew who bring this together, work very hard on authenticity. Thing is, though, authenticity is not cheap. The show relies almost completely on donations and especially, Kick Start Donations.

So here is the challenge Star Trek Fandom. Can you outdo Supernatural  or Arrow fans? How about, even, Miley Cyrus fans? As a fandom, can you help Star Trek: New voyages/Phase II to complete it’s current episode?

Check out the vid below and click the Kick Start link to help out and be apart of this. In my book, definately a ‘good cause’. The team at New Voyages, have real passion and so do Trekies!



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  1. Patrick Cawley says:

    Thank You for the kind words and shout out for our Kickstarter!
    Patrick Cawley ~ aka Lt. Xon

    1. Kathleen says:

      A pleasure. If it wasn’t for Star Trek, I wouldn’t be the geek I am today. I really did squeel when I found the series on YouTube. It falls nicely, into what I’m trying to do here at Fandom4Good. Fandom Power is just facinating. Looking forward to the new ep.

  2. Alex McDonald says:

    Fantastic article! Thanks from all of us at STNV/PII for watching and sharing the word! Great things coming this year, stay tuned!!

    1. Kathleen says:

      Thanks so much Alex, it means a lot. I thought hard about how I wrote it. I am more than pleased to share and promote this. Not only as a fan, but as someone who understands start-ups, Trying to get Fandom4Good out there, isn’t that easy, so I get it. Lucky it’s perfect for what we do. 🙂

  3. Fez says:

    Thank you for the wonderful article, since you are such a Trek fan you may want to come up and shoot an episode with us

    1. Kathleen says:

      Wow… Thanks for the offer, it would be so so so very cool… I wish more than anything I could, but I live in Australia and the comute would be a killer… lol…

      I remember last year, thinking about trying to fly in and be a part of it, (when you guys were asking) but as there was no guarantee I could be, I let the idea go.

      Thrilled to pieces you liked the article.


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