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Star Trek’s Scotty Doesn’t Want You To Forget!

Star Trek fanatics, great news! If all goes well, Star Trek: New Voyagers/Phase II will be debuting episode 13 later this year. This Web-Series refreshes long-lost characters and brings back some very familiar actors to revive those characters. This glimpse of authenticity has gained momentum and truly brings that X factor to this Trek incarnation.

The ‘fan’ that started this, James Cawley has really shown us fandom-power at it’s most successful. Not only do we get surprise gifts and prizes for donating, you actually get to see a fresh, new episode of your favorite show. james cawley

While James handed over the reins of playing Captain Kirk to Brian Gross in episode 10, he is still heavily involved as Executive Producer. The team’s passion to bring us new stories and fresh perspectives on the old ones, has pushed and reignited the Trek community with every new episode. It even has Star Trek royalty on board.

By royalty, I mean James Doohan  look alike, Carl Sheldon. The resemblance is so close, I actually thought it was James. The one, the only, original Scotty passed on many years ago, but Carl has taken up the challenge of playing the historical role and he doesn’t want you to forget to give. Come on folks, how cool is this shout out? So happy to see Carl revise the role, even for just a few minutes. Looking forward to seeing more of him in the next episode.

So, Trekers… Lets keep that Fandom Power thing, working. They’ve reached their first level goal, but this is only 13 of their planned 16 episodes of season 1… and then there is always season 2, to plan for.

With just over a week left, you can still contribute to The Protracted Man and beyond. Make it so, by clicking HERE!

As Scotty says, ‘How’s he supposed to keep the ship running if you forget to donate’.



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  1. Patrick Cawley says:

    Hey… Just so you know, he is not the original Scotty! Jim Dohan died years ago, this is Carl Sheldon! A very good look alike…
    But that you for helping us spread the news about our Kickstarter none the less!!!

    1. Kathleen says:

      Thanks, Patrick… I have amended it to be correct… I am such a bad fan, I knew James had passed on… just too keen to help and it got away from me… Thanks for all your hard work… loving the series.


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