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Like The Sisters, Osric Chau Is Doing It For Himself!

Normally I would start a piece like this by saying something like, Osric Chau has jumped on the band wagon of his fellow Supernatural actors and has started a T-Shirt campaign to raise money for (insert charity name). I’d then explain why Osric is so passionate about the cause. Well… I can’t in this instance. Yes it’s true, Osric has launched a T-Shirt campaign, it’s called Proud To Be Unique, but it’s not for charity at all.

proud to be unique TYou can see in the video below, how humble Osric is about asking you all to support this campaign and he even goes so far as to say there is no pressure and it doesn’t matter if you haven’t got the disposable cash. This, in itself, makes me want to buy the shirt. You see, the money is going into a Film Trust that will help bankroll Osric’s next movie/film project.

He starts out telling us how he came into acting and how his family and friends didn’t really see acting as a ‘real job’ or a way to support himself. He talks about his early work and how his parents finally came around to supporting his career. You can hear in his voice, especially when he talks about going to China, that it’s been a hard road (as it is for most actors) and how getting to be apart of the TV show Supernatural really cemented his choices and has given him opportunities he otherwise wouldn’t have had.

It’s clear he loves the #SPNFamily and is honoured to be a part of it, but he’s too smart to think he can ride on the coat tails of that forever. I admire the fact that he is realistic about the entertainment industry and knows that if he doesn’t do something for himself, Kevin Tran will be the only character he will be remembered for.

If you’ve had a chance to see any of his early self-funded projects, such as Tommy, you know the guy has talent and the brains to make it work. Unfortunately, as any producer will tell you, it takes a lot more than that to make a project successful. Connections, a good crew, good luck and a crap load of money. That’s where, we, the fans come in. Fandom Power is a huge resource and who is to say it should only be used for charitable causes. Not me! Yes he could have gone with gofundme or Indiegogo, a more traditional way to raise money for personal stuff, but he’s put a piece of himself on these T-Shirts for us to get something in return and that is not only brave, but also unique.

If you’d like to support Osric and keep his face on the big or small screen, you can do so by supporting his PROUD TO BE UNIQUE T-Shirt campaign. Go check it out and… Way to go, Osric!!



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  1. Jenn Pekarek says:

    Great Person, great cause, this guy gives so much of himself to his fans, let’s show him that we believe in him! Thanks for being the brave soul we all know you to be! Where do I sign up? šŸ™‚

    1. Kathleen says:

      Hey, Jenn… Just hit the PROUD TO BE UNIQUE and it will take you to the represent page!

      Thanks so very much!!

  2. Jennifer Hudson says:

    great cause

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