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Way To Go Pamela Anderson!

Pamela has used her position as the leader of the Pamela Anderson Foundation to request a meeting with Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin. Long time Vegan and animal activist, Pamela requested the meeting on July 13th.

To the Russian Embassy,

I am writing you today with an urgent request.

With the greatest respect for the President and the government of Russia I would like to humbly ask for a meeting with President Vladimir Putin or with Sergei Donskoi, the Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment for the Russian Federation.

I would love to have the opportunity to meet and to discuss how, on behalf of my Foundation, I can forge a constructive relationship with the Russian government over issues related to wildlife, animals and the environment.

I do have a voice in the international community and I would like to use my voice, as humble as it is, to help make this world a better place for all living things.

Pam Anderson body picI think that her popularity as an actress has played a major part in the fact that it appears, her request may be granted. I have no doubt that her high-profile will help in the President’s decision.

Pamela has used Fandom Power as a stepping stone to champion many Human and Animal Welfare causes. This request, however, is probably one of her most courageous and direct attempts at making a difference.

To have the ear of the Russian President and his minister, is huge, even for the most senior of diplomats.

Her roles on TV has given her a fan base and without it, the Russian ‘powers-that-be’ may have seen this as just another request from a ‘compassionate’ organization. Thing being, fans in large numbers become a force to be reckoned with, just ask Jensen Ackles, or Stephen Amell.

The phenomenon called Fandom Power, raises money, but more importantly can create awareness of things we can do to make a difference, especially when spear-headed by a celeb. It means people are talking and watching. As she says, “I do have a voice in the international community.”

Way To Go, Pamela! I have no doubt she will make a huge impact.

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