Social Media Do Your Thing! Help Find Tyler Ikeda!

Fandom Power, we need you. It doesn’t matter which fandom you belong to, and it doesn’t matter that it’s Arrow’s Stephen Amell who has asked us to do this.  Let’s just do it, because it’s the right thing to do!

Social media today has done some amazing things, when it comes to raising money for charity, creating awareness about issues or reconnecting long-lost friends or relatives. Sites like Facebook reach billions of people world-wide and can serve as a platform for life changing events. So let’s change Tyler and his dad’s life, forever!

We need to find this young man. His name of Tyler Ikeda.  tyler He was born Tyler Davidovitch on December 17th, 1998 and would be almost 17 now. On November 29, 2003 he was abducted by his mother, Rie Ikeda, who might have returned to Japan. Information suggests that he could be somewhere near Chiba in Japan, while other information says he could be in New York State. Which ever is the case, we need fandoms world-wide to pass on what they know and if you don’t know anything, then please help by sharing his photo and his story.

In the video below, Stephen explains that a Facebook page has been set up for us to pass on information. It might even be the case that Tyler himself will see the post.

Stephen asks that if you wish to send messages of support, then please do so in his video thread, on his Facebook page, but if you know, know of, have seen or think you have seen Tyler or his mother, then please please share that information HERE!

It’s funny, that only the other day I was watching a TV show where they needed to find a criminal. No one could, but the sassy smart heroine of the show, put his face on social media and called him an animal abuser. Within 24 hours, he was located. It was only a show, but this is real life and as a parent, I can not even imagine the heartache.

So let’s go fandoms! Make a difference! Share! Share! Share! and let’s find Tyler Ikeda!




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