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Would You Attend An All Women Supernatural Convention?

crowley motherBig convention runners like Creation and Australia’s Hub Productions know the value of Supernatural conventions. Having Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles in the line up, all but guarantees you’ll be sold out and every photo-op and autograph gone. What though, if NONE of the boys attended. Yes we are talking NONE.

AnnaFan run conventions are not a new concept, but let’s be honest, they’re rare and their success, even rarer. There are many stories of how ‘fan run’ conventions have cost the person/people running them, their life savings or even their houses. They almost always run at a loss because fans don’t have the resources like large organizations do. Even things like simply getting in touch with the celebrities you’d like to attend, can be all but impossible.

BeckySo what motivated fan-girl Cora Idle to attempt such a mammoth task and why only the Woman? According to Cora, there has always been questions as to why the women of SPN are not featured more within these cons, but the answer is not that complicated. It’s time. There is only so much you can cram into 2 or 3 days and the girls tend to get the pointy end of the stick. That’s if they get any stick at all.

Not being the kind of person to wait around, Cora has seen the need and has taken it upon herself to put together #SPNLadiesCon. How? By using what the #SPNFamily do best… Fandom Power!!

LisaShe is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for the event and she is counting on Supernatural fans to help fund it. It’s a passion, not a money-making exercise, because once all the expenses are covered, every other penny goes to the charities these women of Supernatural support.

It looks like Cora and her team are making headway, too. Some guests have shown interest and some have even confirmed. At this stage they are aiming for this to be held in May 2016 in the Seattle Metro Area.

cas daughterThere are many many perks for your donations and nothing is too small. Every single dime counts! Please go check out their Indiegogo campaign HERE and scroll down to see the fan perks and charities that will benefit.

CharlieSo, Fandom… Would you go to a SPN convention with only the ladies? Personally I’d go if only to see Loretta Devine, who played Missouri Moseley in the episode, Home.  Her character helped start the whole yellow-eyed-demon arc.

Please let me know if you’d attend and your thoughts in the comments below.



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