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Want To Go To a Virtual SPN Convention? Ladies of SPN Have Your Ticket!

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Would you love to attend the Ladies Of SPN Convention, but can’t get to Seattle in 2016? Then read on, because Ladies of SPN have the perk for you…

If you’re any kind of Supernatural fan, by now you’ve heard of the proposed Ladies of SPN convention. Cora Idle and her team have been working hard to organize this rare event, where the ladies of SPN are the feature and who you come to see.

Initially dedicated to the female actors who have worked on Supernatural, it has now expanded its wish-list to include directors, make-up artists and female crew who, I have no doubt, have some incredible stories to tell.

It is no mean feat to put something like this together from scratch. When asked why she has embarked on such an epic battle, Cora simply replied, because there was a need. She herself had desperately hoped to see a lot more of the SPN ladies highlighted and given convention time, but alas… She waited for almost 10 years for it to happen, but if the ‘powers that be’ hadn’t given these ladies their due by now, would they ever?

It wasn’t until after Cora got to sit in on a Skype call with the Kings Of Con that a plan started to formulate. Her friend had won the call in a contest and she was allowed to tag along as a support person. It was the impetus that started to make an all ladies convention a reality. Cora and her team asked the fundamental question: What could we do to make something like this happen? They kept asking it until phase one of campaign had begun.

Cora took it upon herself to reach out to some of the actors and with social media as her tool, she began the Meg 1campaign to create interest and awareness. She laughed at her own surprise when some of the female actors actually started to reach back. She gives extra special cookies to Nicki Aycox, (Original Meg) for her encouragement and strong support.

Meg 2Nicki and Rachel Miner (Meg 2) were at the recent AMC Expo in Australia and I got to ask them if they liked the whole idea of a convention dedicated to woman and what they first thought when Cora reached out to them. As it turned out, Nicki was the one who told Rachel about the idea and they’re both very keen to be a part of it. (Check out the Video below)

The Road So Far

Earlier this year, the team launched the first Ladies of SPN Indiegogo fund-raiser. The goal was to raise $15,000 to get the ball rolling. Over 50 backers pledged a total of $4,731. Since she didn’t reach the ‘fix funded goal’ the money couldn’t be claimed. Be that as it may, can I say that in the self-funding environment of the internet, that’s a very respectable number. The total doesn’t really reflect the amount of people who have shown serious interest in attending.

And what about all those who love the idea but know they could never get to Seattle?

I can tell you from personal experience it takes a great deal of energy, a great deal of planning, but also a great deal of money. With, air fares, hotel costs, not to mention the admission, photo ops and autographs. It’s a wonder that any of us outside of the US get to go.

Many who can’t go stay up late or get up early to vicariously be a part a live convention. They ‘watch’ via instant comments on Twitter and the posting of pictures on social media. It’s marginally more satisfying as you feel apart of it because it’s happening right then.

Cora and her team understand the frustration and that’s why, they are planning to livestream the entire convention. For those who can’t get there, your $20 donation will get you their Long Distance Call Perk! The ability to watch the show live, no matter where you live. I’m told that a select few will even get a chance to ask questions.

If you can get yourselves to Seattle late in 2016, then go get your Hunter Perk now. It’s your admission to both the convention AND the benefit concert! For $60, it will be by far, the most affordable and memorable SPN experience you’ve ever had.

With less than a month to go, go check it out and DONATE!



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