Fund The Ivan Man and Help Bring Chad Lindberg’s Nephew Home!

family without ivanI had not heard about this until just now… So sad, how family break ups can do so much damage, especially to the most innocent.

From a very personal point of view, I’ve always maintained that it is not in the best interest of a child/children to stay together for ‘the sake of the kids’. It can often be worse and detrimental to the child to see his or her parents fighting and/or very unhappy. It can teach that you have to ‘settle’ for what you’ve got and could even give the child an overwhelming sense of guilt. Having said all of that, I know that splitting up is never pretty, but when both parents truly love their child, it can work out better for everyone. Unfortunately in this particular case, it has not.

It appears that for 6 and 1/2 years, the length of time Chad’s sister Brandi and her Ex-husband have been divorced, things had settled and Ivan had found his rhythm with his extended family. In a school that he loves and with specialized care that he requires nearby, Ivan enjoyed his home and family life. That is, up until recently.

About 6 months ago, Ivan’s father started the proceeds to gain full custody of Ivan and in a very sad twist, he has been given temporary custody of him. If that wasn’t enough, Brandi has been thrown an even worse dilemma. Not only has Ivan been plucked from her care, but she only gets to speak to her son twice a week over the phone, for 15 minutes. I have to ask, how on earth is that the least bit fair?  I can only imagine the pain, sorrow and confusion this young man is feeling. ivan man family with chadHe’s been taken from everything he knows and cares about into an unfamiliar circumstance. Then to not have constant contact with his Mom… My heart goes out to him, as I’m sure yours does, too.

That’s where we can all step up to help. Lawyers, Courts and everything associated with this type of battle is very expensive, beyond the average man’s reach, but  Chad has started a Gofundme Campaign to help pay for the fight that will bring Ivan back to where he belongs and he is hoping, along with people’s thoughts and prayers, this will be a reality one day soon.

So… can you spare $2 $5 or $10? Every little bit helps. Let’s not let lack of resources be the deciding factor here. Please give as much as you can by clicking here–> GOFUNDME/THE IVAN MAN FUND.


The Ivan Man Fund from Chad Lindberg on Vimeo.

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  1. Ebba Raab says:

    As soon I get money I will donate!!

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