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Melbourne Fans Say Good-Bye To Supernatural Season 12

We arrived around 7:10PM, after fighting all the traffic on their way to the Saturday night football game. Late, we still managed to grab two of the most comfortable seats. It was strange to start with, not really knowing anyone, but we were bolstered by the ‘family’ atmosphere and the fact that people made an effort to say hello and be inclusive.

The first part of the night was the Trivia Competition. Do you know the first and last name of the Woman in White and who do you think was the very first Winchester to die? If you said Constance Welch and John Winchester (think about it, John had to die for Mary to make the deal) you’d be right! It was fun, informative and it really made you think. It also served as a great icebreaker.

Forty five minutes in, the lights dimmed at the Hares and Hyenas cafe’ in Fitzroy. The crowd of around 50 hushed and we saw part 1 of the 2 part Supernatural Finale entitled Who We Are. It was good, it was great. The group reacted and cheered appropriately, especially at the end of the episode, downing the horrid ‘British Men Of Letters’, but the end scene, when there was a 3 way hug between Sam, Mary and Dean, that was when the “feels” really started.

Part 2, All Along The Watchtower, was, for me at least, the reason we’d gathered. It’s so different watching with others and not alone in front of your TV or computer screen. The moment ‘The Road So Far’ appeared, there was a scream and from the very first bar of music, we all sang, loud and proud. The song, of course, was Carry On My Wayward Son and no Supernatural fan worth their weight wouldn’t know each and every word. It set the bar for the rest of the episode and the atmosphere of joy, love and heartache, as our favorite TV show ended it’s season 12 run.

I heard about this gathering via a Facebook page appropriately named, Supernatural Fans Of Melbourne. Starting in 2015, Sarah Carbone made the page as a way of connecting with other like-minded fans who were geographically close. The first event ever held was a picnic and that’s where she met some of her sidekicks like Erin, who would later become our MC for the screenings.

It was/is, of course, a way to meet, gather and enjoy this amazing TV series with other fans, but following in the footsteps of other fandoms, it’s also a way to do good. And that’s exactly what happened on Saturday May 20, 2017. Thanks to ticket sales, auction and raffle prizes donated by Jules Wilkinson from Supernatural-Wiki  and Steph Andrews, this little group raised a massive $850. A whopping $300 more than its last event. All proceeds went to Random Acts.

As Jensen Ackles once said, “We thought that it would just be foolish not to at least harness this (fandom power) and start using this for as much good as we can.”

Over all I thoroughly enjoyed the night and got to do some good as well. I will definitely be going back for more!

Have you ever been to a fan-organised gathering like this? What did you think? Please let me know in the comments!


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