When I first heard the name, Fandom4Good, I totally thought about Stephen Amell and his Sinceriously Campaign. It got me thinking about how so many stars, TV and otherwise, raise money for good causes. Through their fame, they compel their fans to give money or buy an item, such as a T-shirt. I wondered what it was that made fans, like myself, buy and give, just because a “star” asked us to. Would they normally donate to that particular charity? Did they even know about the cause, before the star brought it to their attention? If the answer is yes or even no, it is still amazing what people power can do.

While the ‘famous person’ sets the course, it’s the fans of the fandom that drive it home. This blog is about them. Those that give individually and how collectively fandom and the thousands people in them, make a huge difference in the world. That dynamics is so interesting.

At the moment I am just building content, but eventually I hope to be talking to you all about your experiences with charity, fandom and the stars that urge us on. If Misha Collins didn’t ask you to pay for your own ticket and give of your own time in Haiti, would you have done it? I hope to look at questions like this, but more than that, I want to highlight the people in the fandoms and what makes for these kind of win/win relationships.


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  1. Dany says:

    Good page

  2. edye Hamby says:

    This is such a beautiful thing.
    I am truly inspired.
    Something Jensen Ackles said in an interview, inspired me to crawl out of my darkness of hopelessness. And I am forever greatful.

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