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Fans Helping Fans

Melbourne Fans Say Good-Bye To Supernatural Season 12

We arrived around 7:10PM, after fighting all the traffic on their way to the Saturday night football game. Late, we still managed to grab two of the most comfortable seats. It was strange to start with, not really knowing anyone, but we were bolstered by the ‘family’ atmosphere and the fact that people made an …

Fans Helping Fans

Win Your Virtual Front Row Seat To Watch The Ladies Of SPN Convention Live… BOTH DAYS!!

Win your virtual ticket just by answering the question below!  After successfully crowd funding, sleepless nights and many many hours of hard work by Cora Idle and her team…  Ladies and Gentlemen… Ladies of SPN Convention is a go! The convention now has dates, times, venues and more importantly their guest line up! With the possibility …

Fans Helping Fans

Homeless To Hopeful!

skype nat 2Natalie Kruijen, has suffered from a range of mental health issues throughout her life and was once homeless. Through all of this, though, she found strength in her fandoms and in-particular, the Supernatural Fandom. She says it wasn’t until she became involved with the show and its die-hard fans, that she really understood what ‘family’ meant. After chatting with Natalie, I found her personal story and how all of this came about, inspiring.

Divorced and with a young daughter, Natalie is open about her battle with depression. She says at her lowest, “she lost it” went to the top of her 16 story building where she blacked out and then woke up on a train in Belgium. That’s when she started to isolate herself from family and friends and ended up in a homeless shelter.

Even as a young girl, Natalie always had passion for writing, a way to retreat from the real world into the fantasy of her stories. While she was living at the shelter, she got in touch with Ryan Curtis via Twitter.  At the time, Ryan was working on a short movie called The Weirdo Hero. Natalie’s Twitter handle is WeirdoWhoWrites, so it’s no wonder they got to chatting and struck up a friendship. Supernatural fans would know Ryan for his many episodes as the show’s on-set vfx Coordinator.

Knowing that Natalie was a writer, Ryan asked her if she had any stories that he could submit to STORYHIVE, a community funding program that develops and showcases emerging content creators.  Natalie did have a story and together she and Ryan wrote and developed the screenplay for Homeowner.

Once the screenplay was submitted, there was a first round of voting, this was to decide whether or not the movie got funded. Natalie said she spent the next 2 weeks basically on twitter 24/7, reaching out and getting people to vote. It was nerve-racking, but very exciting and she couldn’t actually believe it when she got the message from Ryan that the project had won its funding and was actually going to be made.

Briana . MaryThe movie features Supernatural’s  Briana Buckmaster (Donna) and  Kim Rhodes (Jody) lends her voice to the story. In Homeowner Briana plays the lead character Mary and Kim plays her sister Jen. It’s interesting how this project has brought these two SPN favorite actresses together again.  That’s not all, though… Another Supernatural actor to lend his voice to the project is Adam Rose. He played Aaron Bass on  the SPN Season 8, Episode “Everybody Hates Hitler”. Wow… SPN Family much? Kim Rhodes . Jen

Homeowner was filmed this past January and it’s synopsis makes it sound like more than just your average ghost story.

Synopsis: The ghostly figure that Mary has seen haunting her new house doesn’t appear to be vengeful, or angry. In fact it doesn’t appear to be anything but sad, so Mary isn’t too concerned if it stays, she just goes about her life day by day all the while the ghost just sits there, waiting, … patiently. What Mary doesn’t know is, this isn’t the lost soul of some long forgotten Victorian, in fact it’s not the ghost of someone who is dead at all.

Released on Feb 29th, there is still another round of voting to be done. Natalie, Ryan, cast and crew all deserve to win this! If you liked the trailer above, then you’re going to love the entire feature. Go watch the full movie HERE! Note: You may need to sign up to vote, but it’s worth it! You only have until March 4th, but you can vote once per day until it closes. If there is one thing SPN fans are good at, it’s voting… the others won’t stand a chance! Let’s give, love, praise and cookies, but most of all, let’s give back to one of our own! Go watch and vote NOW!


Fund The Ivan Man and Help Bring Chad Lindberg’s Nephew Home!

I had not heard about this until just now… So sad, how family break ups can do so much damage, especially to the most innocent. From a very personal point of view, I’ve always maintained that it is not in the best interest of a child/children to stay together for ‘the sake of the kids’. …

Fans Helping Fans

Who You Gonna Fund? Ghostheads Of Course!

When Ghostbusters first appeared on the big screen back in June of 1984 it was a supernatural comedy that became a super successful franchise for its creators, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis. It grossed $295 million worldwide and was nominated for two Oscars. No mean feat for something that started out as a little project meant for Aykroyd and his Saturday Night Live buddy, John Belushi.

Aykroyd’s fascination with the paranormal was its inspiration and with his comic genius, it was developed initially as them travelling through time and space battling big and scary monsters. Financial constraint and the death of Belushi, saw the original concepts and script change several times into what eventually became, Ghostbusters 1.

It spouted two animated series, several video games and a sequel. It was huge in its time and apparently it still is.

GB cosplayI for one, had no idea that this 30+ year-old movie, still had hard-core fans. Sure we see some cosplay and there are definitely quotes that will live on, like, “He slimed me” and “Who you gonna call?” but who knew that this fandom was still alive and kicking. Not only that, with Ghostbusters III, due to hit our screens in July 2016, the fandom is thriving.

GB ghost cosplayEnter Brendan Mertens, long time Ghostbusters fan. He is also the writer/director of a documentary called Ghostheads. This is a made by the fans, about the fans doco, and is well on its way to being a reality. Mertens, known for producing a Ghostbusters themed podcast, has spearheaded this project and with producer Tommy Avallone on board, they plan for Ghostheads to be a quality product.

According to Mertens, “Ghostheads is more than a “Hey, isn’t Ghostbusters great?!” kind of documentary. Ghostheads contains countless humanizing stories that will connect with audiences about comradery, overcoming obstacles, and that no one should ever feel alone or isolated.”

Ring any bells? Let’s face it… Isn’t that exactly what any fandom is about? Ask any fan of any fandom, and it may be the common show/star/movie etc. that starts them down the road, but it’s that feeling of ‘family’ that sucks them right in and keeps them there. This is what Ghostheads is highlighting!

GB 3 girls 2Like any fan project, it needs funds to make the dream a reality. Having said that, the principal photography will be completed over the next few months, and they are well on their way, trying to secure interviews with original and reboot cast and crew members. This Indiegogo campaign is something that will speed up the process and help them meet their deadline, before the much anticipated franchise reboot of Ghostbusters III.

So can you spare a $1 or maybe $25? There are many perks, including digital downloads of the film, so you’ll definitely not miss out!

Click below to see them all and watch a short vid about the project! Go on! You know you want to!