Way To Go Pamela Anderson!

Pamela has used her position as the leader of the Pamela Anderson Foundation to request a meeting with Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin. Long time Vegan and animal activist, Pamela requested the meeting on July 13th. To the Russian Embassy, I am writing you today with an urgent request. With the greatest respect for the President […]

Miley Cyrus And Her Backyard Sessions

One could be forgiven for thinking the worst when you talk about Miley Cyrus and what is going on in her backyard. When her 2013 smash hit Wrecking Ball had her swinging around mostly naked and twerking in people’s faces, you could certainly believe what was happeningĀ  back there was untoward and newsworthy. In fact, […]

Jensen Talks About Harnessing Fandom Power

Like his colleagues before him, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins, Jensen is finally on board with using Fandom Power For Good. Talking to Variety, he says there were many causes he’d like to help, but none he was over-the-top passionate about, so joining his buddy Jared in the “Always Keep Fighting” campaign was like “testing […]