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Giving Back

Auction: Skype Meet and Greet! SPN Family asked again to fight a good fight

EDIT: Unfortunately the auction is over…   It went for under $100 which is sad for TWLOHA but very exciting for the winning bidder… Wish I’d had the money to bid. 🙂   Now, this is what I am talking about! The use of fandom power, for a cause! Calling on all die-hard Supernatural fans, …

Giving Back

Meeting Fans is also… ‘Paying It Forward’.

Sometimes giving back and making a difference, isn’t about  the money.  Pharrell Williams makes an effort to actually meet his fans, one to one. When you think about ‘paying it forward’, try thinking about what the impact of actually meeting a person who inspires you, would be. It has been known to change lives.

This is an older vid from last year, but Holly’s face when she sees Pharrell, makes it worth watching. The gig is ‘Surprise Surprise’ and the flash mob dancers are pretty cool.


Giving Back

Allegiance with George Takei: The other side of the coin

When I read what George had to say, I immediately felt an allegiance. (No pun intended.) While not strictly a charity, it is definitely important and worthwhile. George’s words about his whole family being taken from their home, ran chills down my spine as I visualized it. We have heard and have seen so much …