Social Media Do Your Thing! Help Find Tyler Ikeda!

Fandom Power, we need you. It doesn’t matter which fandom you belong to, and it doesn’t matter that it’s Arrow’s Stephen Amell who has asked us to do this.  Let’s just do it, because it’s the right thing to do! Social media today has done some amazing things, when it comes to raising money for …

Fans Helping Fans

Would You Attend An All Women Supernatural Convention?

Big convention runners like Creation and Australia’s Hub Productions know the value of Supernatural conventions. Having Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles in the line up, all but guarantees you’ll be sold out and every photo-op and autograph gone. What though, if NONE of the boys attended. Yes we are talking NONE. Fan run conventions are …

Giving Back

Like The Sisters, Osric Chau Is Doing It For Himself!

Normally I would start a piece like this by saying something like, Osric Chau has jumped on the band wagon of his fellow Supernatural actors and has started a T-Shirt campaign to raise money for (insert charity name). I’d then explain why Osric is so passionate about the cause. Well… I can’t in this instance. …


Ian and Paul vs Jared and Jensen… Who would you prefer on your chest?

All Vampire Diaries fans would know that Ian Somerhalder has led numerous campaigns for the betterment of the world we live in.  Predominantly Animal Rights, his foundation has raised millions over the years and Ian is not new to harnessing Fandom Power. Paul Wesley, while supporting several charities and causes, is not quite as experienced …

Giving Back

Way To Go Pamela Anderson!

Pamela has used her position as the leader of the Pamela Anderson Foundation to request a meeting with Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin. Long time Vegan and animal activist, Pamela requested the meeting on July 13th.

To the Russian Embassy,

I am writing you today with an urgent request.

With the greatest respect for the President and the government of Russia I would like to humbly ask for a meeting with President Vladimir Putin or with Sergei Donskoi, the Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment for the Russian Federation.

I would love to have the opportunity to meet and to discuss how, on behalf of my Foundation, I can forge a constructive relationship with the Russian government over issues related to wildlife, animals and the environment.

I do have a voice in the international community and I would like to use my voice, as humble as it is, to help make this world a better place for all living things.

Pam Anderson body picI think that her popularity as an actress has played a major part in the fact that it appears, her request may be granted. I have no doubt that her high-profile will help in the President’s decision.

Pamela has used Fandom Power as a stepping stone to champion many Human and Animal Welfare causes. This request, however, is probably one of her most courageous and direct attempts at making a difference.

To have the ear of the Russian President and his minister, is huge, even for the most senior of diplomats.

Her roles on TV has given her a fan base and without it, the Russian ‘powers-that-be’ may have seen this as just another request from a ‘compassionate’ organization. Thing being, fans in large numbers become a force to be reckoned with, just ask Jensen Ackles, or Stephen Amell.

The phenomenon called Fandom Power, raises money, but more importantly can create awareness of things we can do to make a difference, especially when spear-headed by a celeb. It means people are talking and watching. As she says, “I do have a voice in the international community.”

Way To Go, Pamela! I have no doubt she will make a huge impact.

Giving Back

Jared Padalecki Backs This Type Of Family Business

It’s great to see Jared back and supporting the things he cares about. He’s again hoping that we can all make a difference on mass, aka, Fandom Power.

Hiatus from the show has meant that fun and family for both Jared and Jensen, has been a priority, so being quiet on social media was not unexpected, but hiatus also meant that after their family break, the supernatural Actors could touch base with fans and the fandom again via conventions. j and j with kids in pool

It even looked like they would be visiting Australia again after a long absence, but alas that wasn’t meant to be. Sad for Hub Productions, who, no doubt would have worked hard to get both boys back on our shores.

It’s old news now that Jared cancelled two conventions due to his own battle with depression. Unfortunately, one of those, was the land down-under.  In a heart-felt Twitter apology, he said he needed to fly home to be with his family and friends. Jared’s Twitter message asking for all the feedback and love he could get, sent Twitter and Facebook into meltdown with sympathy and speculation. Jared was humble enough, though,  to share the fact  that it had been a year since his dear friend Matt Riley took his own life, due to this debilitating disease. For Jared, that had tipped the scales for him personally and he needed to put himself first and go home, something we totally understood. I’m glad he did, because seems a lot more at peace.

Jared ‘gets’ what people have to deal with when they face this particular ‘black dog‘ and while this is not his personal Campaign, he certainly endorsed it  via Twitter.

Personal experience and losing a friend has given him a particular passion for these types of causes. While the Always Keep Fighting Campaign is over, Jared knows if he rallies the troops, another worthwhile organization will benefit.

Jareds Tweet

Attitudes In Reverse is a Non-Profit group that supports and educates people about good mental health and suicide prevention.

Click HERE to check out what A I R have come up with and buy a shirt or two if you can. After all, they have been ‘changing minds and saving lives’ since 2009. Let’s help it continue!