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Who You Gonna Fund? Ghostheads Of Course!

When Ghostbusters first appeared on the big screen back in June of 1984 it was a supernatural comedy that became a super successful franchise for its creators, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis. It grossed $295 million worldwide and was nominated for two Oscars. No mean feat for something that started out as a little project meant for Aykroyd and his Saturday Night Live buddy, John Belushi.

Aykroyd’s fascination with the paranormal was its inspiration and with his comic genius, it was developed initially as them travelling through time and space battling big and scary monsters. Financial constraint and the death of Belushi, saw the original concepts and script change several times into what eventually became, Ghostbusters 1.

It spouted two animated series, several video games and a sequel. It was huge in its time and apparently it still is.

GB cosplayI for one, had no idea that this 30+ year-old movie, still had hard-core fans. Sure we see some cosplay and there are definitely quotes that will live on, like, “He slimed me” and “Who you gonna call?” but who knew that this fandom was still alive and kicking. Not only that, with Ghostbusters III, due to hit our screens in July 2016, the fandom is thriving.

GB ghost cosplayEnter Brendan Mertens, long time Ghostbusters fan. He is also the writer/director of a documentary called Ghostheads. This is a made by the fans, about the fans doco, and is well on its way to being a reality. Mertens, known for producing a Ghostbusters themed podcast, has spearheaded this project and with producer Tommy Avallone on board, they plan for Ghostheads to be a quality product.

According to Mertens, “Ghostheads is more than a “Hey, isn’t Ghostbusters great?!” kind of documentary. Ghostheads contains countless humanizing stories that will connect with audiences about comradery, overcoming obstacles, and that no one should ever feel alone or isolated.”

Ring any bells? Let’s face it… Isn’t that exactly what any fandom is about? Ask any fan of any fandom, and it may be the common show/star/movie etc. that starts them down the road, but it’s that feeling of ‘family’ that sucks them right in and keeps them there. This is what Ghostheads is highlighting!

GB 3 girls 2Like any fan project, it needs funds to make the dream a reality. Having said that, the principal photography will be completed over the next few months, and they are well on their way, trying to secure interviews with original and reboot cast and crew members. This Indiegogo campaign is something that will speed up the process and help them meet their deadline, before the much anticipated franchise reboot of Ghostbusters III.

So can you spare a $1 or maybe $25? There are many perks, including digital downloads of the film, so you’ll definitely not miss out!

Click below to see them all and watch a short vid about the project! Go on! You know you want to!


Fans Helping Fans

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Fans Helping Fans

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