Miley Cyrus And Her Backyard Sessions

One could be forgiven for thinking the worst when you talk about Miley Cyrus and what is going on in her backyard. When her 2013 smash hit Wrecking Ball had her swinging around mostly naked and twerking in people’s faces, you could certainly believe what was happeningĀ  back there was untoward and newsworthy. In fact, […]

Katie Cassidy Has A Big Red Nose

Katie Cassidy has joined the ranks of her fellow cast members, Stephen Amell and Paul Blackthorne and is raising money for a great cause, RED NOSE DAY, via a T-Shirt Campaign. Red Nose Day is a world-wide fundraising day that contributes to varies charities all over the world. In Australia it’s for SIDS (Sudden Infant […]

Sinceriously Is Back One Last Time

Stephen freely admits that this whole thing started when he accidentally fluffed the word seriously and it became a ‘thing’. He then went about trying to get his fluffed word, Sinceriously into the dictionary. The response was mind-blowing with MeMe’s and Art springing up all over the place. That’s when he decided to use the […]