Giving Back

Allegiance with George Takei: The other side of the coin

When I read what George had to say, I immediately felt an allegiance. (No pun intended.) While not strictly a charity, it is definitely important and worthwhile. George’s words about his whole family being taken from their home, ran chills down my spine as I visualized it. We have heard and have seen so much …


Walking the red carpet with ‘fuck’ on your chest is more than okay

So apparently it is quite alright to use the F word, provided it has the word cancer after it. Stephen Amell has proven that he is dedicated to the charities he promotes and not just a seller of T-Shirts. He has offered his time to host a red carpet event for Fuck Cancer. At $40 …


Arrow/Supernatural crossover for charity?

In the video, Stephen talks about pitching a crossover with Supernatural the day before and he isn’t joking. He broached the previously forbidden subject of fanfiction and thinks it would be an awesome idea to film a web episode with Jared and Jensen for charity. (Skip to around 20:40) I for one, would pay to see that! Would you?