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    Ian and Paul vs Jared and Jensen… Who would you prefer on your chest?

    All Vampire Diaries fans would know that Ian Somerhalder has led numerous campaigns for the betterment of the world we live in.  Predominantly Animal Rights, his foundation has raised millions over the years and Ian is not new to harnessing Fandom Power. Paul Wesley, while supporting several charities and causes, is not quite as experienced at tapping into the fandom base. Don’t worry though, big brother Damian, aka, Ian, will show him the way. The Blood Brothers T-Shirt campaign is underway and hopes to raise as much as possible for Ian’s foundation and also for The Humane Society. It’s an absolute first for Ian and his on-screen brother Paul, to…

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    Bravo, Elton John

    Since becoming a father, Elton has not spent as much time in the limelight. We see the occasional pic of him with his sons and it’s clear he wants to take care of them and be a devoted dad. It might be easy to forget, however, that Elton has been ‘dad’ to so many and has fundamentally ‘taken care of’ thousands, through his and his fandom’s fund-raising efforts.  In fact, Elton has given of his time, his image and his money to 54 different charities over the years. He’s best know for his work with his AIDS Foundation, but there have been 53 others charities he’s helped. He started in…

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    Doodle For Hunger

    It seems that there are quite a few famous people out there that give, but stay under the radar and out of the limelight. Have you ever heard of this type of fundraising before? Sure I’ve seen celebrities auction the shirts off their backs, to raise money. In fact, the pic below is of a T-shirt Misha Collins drew on with Jelly Beans. It went for over a $1000. What I didn’t know was that there are organizations out there that raise money ongoing, like this. Doodle for Hunger is a fun online auction of signed original works of art by comic artists, celebrities, and illustrators. The auction benefits St.…

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    Arrow/Supernatural crossover for charity?

    In the video, Stephen talks about pitching a crossover with Supernatural the day before and he isn’t joking. He broached the previously forbidden subject of fanfiction and thinks it would be an awesome idea to film a web episode with Jared and Jensen for charity. (Skip to around 20:40) I for one, would pay to see that! Would you?