• Fans Helping Fans

    SPN Family… This is one of our own… Save Finnegan

    Calling all Supernatural animal lovers! It’s not Jared or even Misha asking for your help this time, it’s one of your own. Emily is an avid Supernatural fan and is a community manager of Insticator, which is a site dedicated to trivia fun and games around different fandoms. (Why hadn’t I seen that before?) She is one of us in that she is a part of the fandom and she desperately needs our help or should I say, Finnegan does. Finnegan is a sweet little boy who Emily and Ben have raised for over a year, now, but he has serious health issues, which, if not treated, means he will…

  • Giving Back

    Meeting Fans is also… ‘Paying It Forward’.

    Sometimes giving back and making a difference, isn’t about¬† the money.¬† Pharrell Williams makes an effort to actually meet his fans, one to one. When you think about ‘paying it forward’, try thinking about what the impact of actually meeting a person who inspires you, would be. It has been known to change lives. This is an older vid from last year, but Holly’s face when she sees Pharrell, makes it worth watching. The gig is ‘Surprise Surprise’ and the flash mob dancers are pretty cool.