• Giving Back

    Jensen Talks About Harnessing Fandom Power

    Like his colleagues before him, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins, Jensen is finally on board with using Fandom Power For Good. Talking to Variety, he says there were many causes he’d like to help, but none he was over-the-top passionate about, so joining his buddy Jared in the “Always Keep Fighting” campaign was like “testing the waters”. With such a great response, it inspired them to make sure that any money raised  would continue for years to come. “Instead of just for one particular cause or one particular charity, let’s see if we can’t raise money and then throughout the year get involved with multiple charities and multiple funds.” While…

  • 4Good

    Jared and Jensen… Make The World a Better Place Campaign

    Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are going into another type of family business, together. The SPN Family Business. It seems that this could be one of the first steps towards setting up a non-for-profit organization, similar to Random Acts. Their co-star Misha Collins has harnessed the power of fandom for a long time and it looks like Jared and Jensen are now following in his foot steps. Chances are, if you’re a member of the SPN Family, you know about Jared’s original ‘Always Keep Fighting’ Campaign. Encouraged by Arrow’s Stephen Amell to start the T-Shirt drive, Jared sold over 40 000 and raised over two hundred thousands of dollars for…

  • 4Good

    Arrow/Supernatural crossover for charity?

    In the video, Stephen talks about pitching a crossover with Supernatural the day before and he isn’t joking. He broached the previously forbidden subject of fanfiction and thinks it would be an awesome idea to film a web episode with Jared and Jensen for charity. (Skip to around 20:40) I for one, would pay to see that! Would you?