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    Keep The Momentum Going For Poach Eggs Not Elephants

    Like others before him, Paul Blackthorne is finding ways to entice the fans. With only a little over three days to go, he’s revving up the Arrow Fandom by asking his fellow cast members to put the shirt on. Way to gain a fandom’s attention, Paul! Although, I kind of think Stephen Amell was rehearsing for the Incredible Hulk. Paul is also giving away a shirt, signed by all of the Arrow cast, so he’s pulling out all stops. To be in the running for that and to really help Air Shepherd, simply buy a T-Shirt.                      CHECK OUT ALL THE…

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    Poach Eggs, Not Elephants

    It’s finally here… Arrow’s Paul Blackthorne is a man after my own heart, with his love for Elephants. A while back he asked for suggestions regarding a T-Shirt campaign to raise money to help them. He has finally decided on the non-for-profit organization Air Shepherd. Poach eggs, not Elephants is a 14 day campaign to sell as many of these guys as possible. Go get yours HERE. The goal is 200 shirts, but they’ve already sold over 100, so I think it’s safe to say that it’s already a success, but if T-shirts are not your thing, then you can donate directly to Air Shepherd’s INDIEGOGO campaign. Check out what…

  • 4Good

    Paul Blackthorne and Stephen Amell Love Woman With Balls

    Woman With Balls is an upcoming documentary that Paul Blackthorne is strongly associated with. Stephen Amell has jumped on board and between the both of them they hope the Arrow fandom will help raise $135 000. Inspiration needed? Well… Stephen Amell is giving away 3-4 Skype calls to random donators of $5, $10 or $100 and Paul Blackthorne will have dinner with you for $1 200. Is this Fandom Power at work, or what? Link to Indiegogo Crowd Funding found HERE! Along with a sneak peek of the documentary. Check out Stephen’s vid below. click anywhere to play

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    Inspiration and saving one kid at a time

    Has there ever been that one teacher, person or chance meeting, that has helped you turn a personal corner? While we patiently wait for Paul Blackthorne’s decision on what Elephant project he and Represent are going to get behind, Paul’s still busy making a difference.  To one or two, that difference could be huge. Can you imagine what it would be like to be in a drama class and have Paul walk in? BAFTA LA has a program called “Give Something Back” and Paul is apart of it. He visited Washington Prep High School and worked with these young people, calling the experience very  humbling.    

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    Paul Blackthorne asked to get behind a charity

    It seems the people at Represent know the power of fandom. They’ve  contacted actor Paul Blackthorne  to see if there was a cause he’d like to back. He said yes and is currently asking fans for suggestions on the best way to go about it. This is a personal one for me. I love elephants. I just can’t understand how people can profit from so much pain. I really hope fandom gets behind this one to make a huge difference.