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Creation And Random Acts Team Up To Help Battle The Fallout of Covid19

If there is one thing that fandom does well, it’s raise money for worthy causes and this cause effects every single one of us! You may not know someone who has this virus, but according the stats and its trajectory, it won’t be long before you do. Panic buying and bare shelves, self -isolation and …

Fans Helping Fans

Star Trek’s Scotty Doesn’t Want You To Forget!

Star Trek fanatics, great news! If all goes well, Star Trek: New Voyagers/Phase II will be debuting episode 13 later this year. This Web-Series refreshes long-lost characters and brings back some very familiar actors to revive those characters. This glimpse of authenticity has gained momentum and truly brings that X factor to this Trek incarnation. …

Fans Helping Fans, Giving Back

Die-Hard Star Trek Fans… Your fandom needs you!

Fandom4Good follows and promotes causes usually spearheaded by public figures. If it’s not a T-shirt campaign to raise money for a particular charity or good cause, it’s a Skype chat, or a signed script, up for grabs. The well-known person invokes a passion in the fandom that encourages us to by the item or give a donation. This particular donation drive is also about passion.

For fans of Star Trek, I can’t imagine anything more important than keeping the franchise that is Star Trek, alive. With several attempts to go beyond Next Generation and Enterprise, nothing has really graced our small screens. That is, until a couple of web series came together. I remember being so excited when I found them on YouTube. This web series recreates the one and only, original, Star Trek. More realistic, but still so simple. Fresh, but yet, so familiar. The actors and the crew who bring this together, work very hard on authenticity. Thing is, though, authenticity is not cheap. The show relies almost completely on donations and especially, Kick Start Donations.

So here is the challenge Star Trek Fandom. Can you outdo Supernatural¬† or Arrow fans? How about, even, Miley Cyrus fans? As a fandom, can you help Star Trek: New voyages/Phase II to complete it’s current episode?

Check out the vid below and click the Kick Start link to help out and be apart of this. In my book, definately a ‘good cause’. The team at New Voyages, have real passion and so do Trekies!



Giving Back

Allegiance with George Takei: The other side of the coin

When I read what George had to say, I immediately felt an allegiance. (No pun intended.) While not strictly a charity, it is definitely important and worthwhile. George’s words about his whole family being taken from their home, ran chills down my spine as I visualized it. We have heard and have seen so much …