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Here we go again! Thank You… Sinseriously!

Stephen Amell is on the campaign trail again, and we can’t thank him enough! For me, it was his “Sinseriously” and “Fuck Cancer” campaigns that started/inspired all of this, and by this I mean Fandom4Good! Question to you all… Anyone know much about this new “star” system Facebook has going on? Apparently you can donate …


Paul Blackthorne and Stephen Amell Love Woman With Balls

Woman With Balls is an upcoming documentary that Paul Blackthorne is strongly associated with. Stephen Amell has jumped on board and between the both of them they hope the Arrow fandom will help raise $135 000. Inspiration needed? Well… Stephen Amell is giving away 3-4 Skype calls to random donators of $5, $10 or $100 …