• Charities

    Ian and Paul vs Jared and Jensen… Who would you prefer on your chest?

    All Vampire Diaries fans would know that Ian Somerhalder has led numerous campaigns for the betterment of the world we live in.  Predominantly Animal Rights, his foundation has raised millions over the years and Ian is not new to harnessing Fandom Power. Paul Wesley, while supporting several charities and causes, is not quite as experienced at tapping into the fandom base. Don’t worry though, big brother Damian, aka, Ian, will show him the way. The Blood Brothers T-Shirt campaign is underway and hopes to raise as much as possible for Ian’s foundation and also for The Humane Society. It’s an absolute first for Ian and his on-screen brother Paul, to…

  • Giving Back

    Jared Padalecki Backs This Type Of Family Business

    It’s great to see Jared back and supporting the things he cares about. He’s again hoping that we can all make a difference on mass, aka, Fandom Power. Hiatus from the show has meant that fun and family for both Jared and Jensen, has been a priority, so being quiet on social media was not unexpected, but hiatus also meant that after their family break, the supernatural Actors could touch base with fans and the fandom again via conventions. It even looked like they would be visiting Australia again after a long absence, but alas that wasn’t meant to be. Sad for Hub Productions, who, no doubt would have worked…

  • Fans Helping Fans,  Giving Back

    Die-Hard Star Trek Fans… Your fandom needs you!

    Fandom4Good follows and promotes causes usually spearheaded by public figures. If it’s not a T-shirt campaign to raise money for a particular charity or good cause, it’s a Skype chat, or a signed script, up for grabs. The well-known person invokes a passion in the fandom that encourages us to by the item or give a donation. This particular donation drive is also about passion. For fans of Star Trek, I can’t imagine anything more important than keeping the franchise that is Star Trek, alive. With several attempts to go beyond Next Generation and Enterprise, nothing has really graced our small screens. That is, until a couple of web series…

  • 4Good

    Last Chance to Win a Signed Supernatural Script

    The founder of the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen, Misha Collins, is on the bandwagon of insentives. Don’t worry, you still have over 12 weeks to join a team, but to win, a script signed by all the Supernatural cast, you need to register before May 1st. Not only that, but the winning team gets an all expenses paid trip to Costa Rico. Unlike his pal’s Jared and Jensen, who are selling T-shirts for good causes,  to be a part of GISHWHES you have to actually participate. Given the name, ‘Scavenger Hunt’, you could be forgiven for thinking you were required to find and gather things.…

  • 4Good

    Jared and Jensen… Make The World a Better Place Campaign

    Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are going into another type of family business, together. The SPN Family Business. It seems that this could be one of the first steps towards setting up a non-for-profit organization, similar to Random Acts. Their co-star Misha Collins has harnessed the power of fandom for a long time and it looks like Jared and Jensen are now following in his foot steps. Chances are, if you’re a member of the SPN Family, you know about Jared’s original ‘Always Keep Fighting’ Campaign. Encouraged by Arrow’s Stephen Amell to start the T-Shirt drive, Jared sold over 40 000 and raised over two hundred thousands of dollars for…

  • 4Good

    Team Supernatural Ride Again

    With around 2500 riders raising money for The BC Cancer Foundation, let’s get behind Supernatural Team Captain, Kevin Parks. Kevin started doing this ride, which goes from Vancouver to Seattle, 5 years ago. It was a way to honor his friend and mentor Kim Manners. As we know, Kim was integral part of the SPN family, who lost his battle with lung cancer in 2009. Kevin has set the goal this year at $10,000.  Please check out his THE RIDE TO CONQUER CANCER page and help him achieve it. Show him what the SPN family is made of!