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Here we go again! Thank You… Sinseriously!

Stephen Amell is on the campaign trail again, and we can’t thank him enough! For me, it was his “Sinseriously” and “Fuck Cancer” campaigns that started/inspired all of this, and by this I mean Fandom4Good! Question to you all… Anyone know much about this new “star” system Facebook has going on? Apparently you can donate …

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Home Made Entertainment with a serious request. Now is the time to act… The Show Runners are working very hard to find a new home for #ProjectBlueBook. We need to really start pushing… The powers that be, could start looking at fan numbers… Fandom power works… It can be done! Just ask the Supernatural or …


Creation And Random Acts Team Up To Help Battle The Fallout of Covid19

If there is one thing that fandom does well, it’s raise money for worthy causes and this cause effects every single one of us! You may not know someone who has this virus, but according the stats and its trajectory, it won’t be long before you do. Panic buying and bare shelves, self -isolation and …

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Lucifer Fans Lighten the Lockdown with FanFic

Lucifer fanficers are doing their part by writing scenes that make Lucifer fans smile. It’s called #PromptsforSmiles and you can get details here. We’d like to challenge other fandoms to do the same. Or maybe you already are. If so, let us know in the comments below so we can all enjoy your efforts!